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Love.Life restaurant

Our chefs and nutrition experts celebrate the freshness and flavor of whole foods. They blend culinary craft and nutritional science to bring you nourishing, plant-based cuisine while avoiding unnecessary oils, sodium and added sugar.

Thoughtfully prepared and backed by science, healthy has never tasted better.

Our Food Philosophy.

Health is a journey, and we believe in the power of food to nourish, heal and optimize the body. Our food philosophy is simple: eat whole, minimally processed plant foods that are both nutritious and delicious.

Love.Life Nourish plant-based restaurant
Love.Life Nourish
Love.Life Nourish


Dishes with this icon Love.Life Nourish icon have been crafted by our team of culinary and nutrition experts to be both super healthy and delicious. They also help optimize well-being, reduce inflammation, promote vitality and contain foods that have been clinically proven to help treat and reverse chronic health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and weight loss (as part of a whole food, plant-based diet). Our most health-promoting items, Optimize dishes, focus strictly on whole foods, contain no oil or added sugars, minimize sodium and ensure less than 15% of calories come from fat.

Love.Life Nourish Optimize Plant-based dish

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

– Hippocrates