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At Love.Life Telehealth, better health starts with our doctors. Each one is fully-licensed and uniquely experienced in lifestyle medicine. They all embrace the foundational practices of whole food plant-based nutrition, and are dedicated to helping patients transition to a healthier life, free of chronic disease.

Your first meeting is a discovery stage for both you and your doctor. You will learn more about our approach to healthcare and treatment, and your doctor will learn about you, your health, and your personal goals. Together, you’ll gather and distill information, and create a plan that suits you and your objectives.

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Patient Stories

“Even though I have been a whole food plant-based eater for years, my body was giving off signals that all was not right. One conversation with Dr. Miller gave me the advice I needed to get that back under control.”

Faith, a patient of Dr. Miller

What industry experts are saying.

Testimonial 1 – Stancic

With great confidence, I am happy to recommend my extraordinary colleagues at Plant Based TeleHealth to any patient who is eager to improve their quality of life by introducing meaningful lifestyle changes. I know personally and professionally how powerful a plant based lifestyle can be and I’m excited that the accessibility offered by Plant Based TeleHealth can reach so many across our country. I want to thank Anthony Masiello and Dr. Laurie Marbas for co-creating this very important organization and service for the betterment of individuals and in turn communities both here and abroad.

Saray Stancic, MD, FACLM

Author of What’s Missing From Medicine, producer of Code Blue

Testimonial 2 – Khambatta
When it comes to knowledgeable doctors with a focus on not just managing but reversing chronic disease, Plant Based TeleHealth is our top choice. The care and attention to detail they give our clients is exceptional, and their knowledge of how to de-prescribe medication is truly unique.
Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

Co-founder of Mastering Diabetes and New York Times Best Selling Author

Testimonial 3 – Freeman
Plant Based TeleHealth offers a powerful and fresh approach to healthcare. It’s exciting to see how this incredible team is improving the lives of their patients and leading the way to a new, healthier future.
Dr. Laura Freeman

Medical Director – Plant Based Health Online

Testimonial 4 – Fuhrman
Even if the Plant Based TeleHealth team were not good friends of mine I would still recommend their services, as I know them as caring and knowledgeable physicians, who sincerely have people’s best interest at heart. To be a good doctor you have to first turn on your heartlight, before you peek in with your headlight—and I can bear witness to those efforts here.
Joel Fuhrman, MD

Author of seven New York Times bestsellers, including his most recent book, Eat for Life

Testimonial 5 – Katz

The potential contributions of an optimal, plant-based dietary pattern to every aspect of health are nothing short of incredible. But those benefits are out of reach for many people without expert guidance and support. Plant Based TeleHealth is ideally constructed to deliver that guidance and provide that support in the convenient, and personalized context of telemedicine. This is a terrific and timely advance.

David L. Katz, MD, MPH

Past President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine, CEO, Diet ID

Testimonial 6 – Hever

Finally, the platform we have all been waiting for! Extraordinary healthcare professionals available around the globe at the touch of your finger, Plant Based TeleHealth is timely, crucial, and the future. I cannot recommend Plant Based TeleHealth highly enough to anyone who feels they need/want to be understood by their healthcare professional and anyone who needs guidance and support in improving their health.

Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT

Plant-Based Dietitian

Testimonial 7 – Esselstyn
Plant Based TeleHealth is a blossoming team of health professionals eminently skilled with the knowledge and passion to advance the preventative and curative benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition.
Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD
Testimonial 9 – Borges

The keys to unlocking optimum wellness lie in a whole food plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle habits. There is no greater resource than the team at Plant Based TeleHealth for guiding you there.

Marco Borges

CEO, 22 Days Nutrition

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