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How to Increase Movement without Exercise

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Non-exercise activity thermogenesis or “NEAT” refers to movement incorporated into your life through daily activities, not including physical activity. For example, NEAT can refer to the movement involved with cooking, yard work, or vacuuming. It can include taking steps, standing, or even wiggling. NEAT can help you reach your movement goals or “fill your rings” on various fitness apps or watches.

Some people naturally have more NEAT movement built into their daily lives, like people with active jobs rather than desk jobs.  However, there are many ways to incorporate more movement into your daily routine regardless of your work.  Building more NEAT activities in your day is a simple and effective way to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Challenge yourself to incorporate at least five NEAT movements into each day. Use this chart to play NEAT Bingo. Cover five squares each day for a win!  

Pace within your home or walk stairs as you talk on the phone. Vacuum, sweep, or mop your floors. Take out your garbage cans (one at a time). March in place while watching television. Do squats or wiggle in place while you brush your teeth. 
Stretch between meetings, calls, or during commercials if watching TV. Dance in your living room.  Plank while you reheat something in the microwave.  Park in a spot far from the store entrance. Use a standing desk.  
Garden. Take the stairs instead of the elevator (or at least halfway). FREE SPACE 
Come up with your own NEAT concept! 
Clean your windows. Walk the dog / go for a walk. 
Do a flight of stairs every hour on the hour. Go into the store/restaurant instead of using delivery. Dust your home. Carry groceries or bags in from the car one bag at a time. Do 10 pushups on the hour.  
Stretch before getting into bed. Mow the lawn. March in place while folding laundry.  Clean out your car. Set and reach a daily step goal. 

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