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Love.Life restaurant

Be our guest at our new 100% plant-based restaurant in Culver, City, California. Try innovative plant-based cuisine with an emphasis on health-forward dishes that highlight fresh, seasonal and flavorful whole foods.

Want to feel better every day?

Love.Life Telehealth doctors can help you address lifestyle changes like movement, stress reduction, nutrition, and more — all while helping you manage any existing conditions.

“Our purpose is to inspire and empower people to love life and live well.”

John Mackey

Co-founder and CEO of Love.Life and co-founder of Whole Foods Market

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Health is a journey, and we believe in the power of food to heal, optimize, and nourish the body. Our food philosophy is simple: eat whole, minimally processed plant foods that are both nutritious and delicious.

Restaurant now open in Culver City, CA.

Love.Life Heal
We believe that lasting health and vitality is attainable. By addressing sleep, nutrition, movement and stress, we help prevent and reverse chronic conditions and optimize your health with cutting edge medical technology.

Love.Life Telehealth now accepting appointments.

Healthcare experience coming soon to Culver City, CA.

Love.Life Thrive

We promote holistic health and vitality. Here, cutting-edge recovery technology, customized movement plans, and evidence-based alternative therapies converge to jumpstart transformations.

Open in 2024

Wellness experience coming soon to Culver, City, CA.


Our Story.

Love.Life was co-founded in 2020 by Whole Foods Market co-founder and former CEO, John Mackey; Walter Robb, former co-CEO of Whole Foods; and Betsy Foster, a former executive of the grocer. Our restaurant is now open in the Ivy Station area of Culver City, California, with medical and wellness experiences to follow in the same location.

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