Whole Foods Market co-founder, John Mackey, launches health and wellness company Love.Life

Jul 26, 2023

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Natural and organic pioneer aims to transform health care like Whole Foods transformed grocery

Company announces expansion of virtual health offerings and first flagship location

AUSTIN, Texas (July 26, 2023)—Love.Life, an integrated health and wellness company, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking virtual health optimization programs and plans for its first flagship location slated to open in the summer of 2024. Love.Life provides a one-stop immersive health experience by combining nourishing food, evolved medical care, and cutting-edge wellness therapies.

The company’s new optimization programs provide patient-centric medical care that is outcome-driven, personalized, and dedicated to addressing all aspects of an individual’s health. With licensed physicians practicing telehealth nationwide, Love.Life empowers individuals to proactively improve their health by focusing on the root causes of chronic diseases and offering comprehensive solutions.

“Love.Life aims to transform the lives of millions of people,” stated CEO and co-creator John Mackey. “The conventional medical system is fundamentally flawed, focusing on managing diseases and treating symptoms rather than prevention and finding the root cause. Studies show that 80% of chronic diseases can be prevented and reversed through diet and lifestyle changes, which are the focus of Love.Life’s philosophy and are rarely included in conventional treatment plans.”

Love.Life’s medically supervised virtual programs far exceed the limitations of standard bloodwork testing, acute care models and transactional doctor-patient relationships of the conventional healthcare system. Through comprehensive testing and health assessments, individuals work in partnership with doctors to establish their true baseline health. This detailed information forms the basis of a customized, actionable plan that addresses both health risks and opportunities. Love.Life’s virtual optimization programs offer a supportive environment, educational resources, and access to health and wellness coaching to facilitate the implementation, measurement, and sustainability of healthy habits.

“With grocery, we made natural and organic products mainstream, and Love.Life is going to play a similar role in the health and wellness industry. We’re ready to support and empower millions in optimizing their health potential, proving that genes are not destiny,” said Mackey.

“Health is highly personal, so it can be frustrating when you don’t feel heard by your doctor or you leave the appointment feeling confused about test results and treatment options,” said Dr. Brian Asbill, chief health officer, Love.Life. “The physicians at Love.Life evaluate all aspects of health to create highly personalized plans with—not for—patients. Whether you are seeking preventative care for overall wellness, struggle with an existing condition or have not been able to pinpoint the root cause of a health issue, we want to offer a single source of clear, trusted, evidence-based care for patients.” 

Love.Life’s board-certified physicians practice “lifestyle medicine” as the foundation of care and are guided by the philosophies of integrative and functional medicine. An emerging evidence-based field, lifestyle medicine evaluates various aspects of an individual’s lifestyle, such as nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and social connection, to provide a holistic view of health. The goal is to help people lead long, healthy, and vibrant lives by improving both lifespan and health span.

Love.Life’s virtual health optimization programs are available to individuals across all 50 states and internationally, with three membership programs designed to support a range of health goals. The Healthy Lifestyle Program offers an entry-level option for individuals seeking to jump-start their well-being and proactively maintain their health. It includes an assessment phase of two 30-minute appointments with a physician with a recommended set of labs to assess the individual’s baseline cardiovascular and metabolic health as well as key nutrient and vitamin levels. Group health and wellness coaching, educational content and quarterly follow-up doctor appointments are also included.

The Longevity Program provides intensive, specialized care for specific health goals, including chronic disease reversal and proactive preventative care for optimization and wellness. Under this program, patients receive:

  • A more intensive assessment phase of 60-minute introductory doctor appointments, a detailed set of included labs, and tests to establish an individual’s baseline of health.
  • Monthly 1:1 health and wellness coaching with unlimited messaging and at least one physician appointment quarterly.
  • Access to practical tools and exclusive educational content and advanced specialized assessments such as biological age, microbiome, continuous glucose monitoring, and body composition.

For the most comprehensive health and wellness care and more testing with assessments ranging from epigenetics and microbiome to cardiovascular and cancer screenings, the company also offers the Concierge Program.

As part of its commitment to revolutionizing health care, Love.Life has also acquired Mastering Diabetes, an established online coaching and education platform known for permanently reversing insulin resistance using food as medicine. This strategic acquisition complements the company’s medically supervised care and enhances Love.Life’s ability to provide evidence-based guidance and coaching services to combat various health conditions. The company recently launched Mastering Weight Loss and will continue to add specialized private and group coaching programs under its Mastering Programs service in the future. Cyrus Khambatta, Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry, and Robby Barbaro, MPH, co-founders of Mastering Diabetes, are now members of Love.Life’s executive team and lead the development of the company’s coaching services.

In addition to its virtual offerings, Love.Life’s commitment to providing comprehensive care includes physical locations offering medical care, fitness and wellness therapies, and healthy food under one roof. It’s first flagship location, a 45,000-square foot space in El Segundo, California, will launch in 2024, offering a fully integrated health experience. Love.Life’s health-forward restaurant in Culver City is already open and will launch evidence-based meal prescription plans for specific health conditions once the adjacent medical and wellness components of the brand open. The company also operates Love Life Cafe in Miami love.life/restaurant/miami, which opened its new location in February 2023 with expanded seating, a bar, and new menu items. 

To learn more about Love.Life’s innovative medical programs or to book an appointment with a licensed physician, visit love.life/telehealth/healthprograms. For more information about Love.Life’s Mastering Programs, including Mastering Diabetes and Mastering Weight Loss, please love.life/masteringprograms.


About Love.Life

Love.Life is an integrated health and wellness company that makes lasting health and vitality attainable. The company unites the power of nourishing food, holistic medical care and precision wellness therapies to promote healing, optimization, longevity and community. The company was co-founded in 2020 by Whole Foods Market co-founder and former CEO, John Mackey; Walter Robb, former co-CEO of Whole Foods; and Betsy Foster, a former executive of the grocer. For more information, visit www.love.life.

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